What we Offer

Back Office Services

Order Entry Management System

Optimize your order processing through our order entry, tracking, inventory management, and fulfillment solutions services.

Transaction Processing & Accounts Services

Our accurate and efficient transaction processing and accounts services will take care of your financial records, so you can focus on your core business functions.

Data Entry Solution

Save time and resources with our accurate and timely data entry solutions, including digitizing paper documents, extracting online data,  and transcribing audio recordings.

Data Management Platform

Unlock the potential of your business data with our data management platform, featuring analytics, modeling, and visualization tools for better decision-making and improved efficiency.

Migration Support

Experience seamless and secure migration of your data and processes with our expert migration support services, ensuring accurate and error-free transfer.

Case Management Solutions

Our case management solutions are applicable to a range of functions, including legal, accounting, and human resources, to help clients manage their internal affairs more effectively.

Transcription Services

We offer cutting-edge transcription solution for converting audio, video recordings into accurate texts, transcribing meetings, podcasts or legal proceedings to help clients save meet the demanding needs of modern businesses.

Document Indexing & Archiving

We help clients organise, store, and retrieve their important documents more effectively by providing document indexing and archiving services.