What weoffer

Service Suite

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

We help clients tackle high-volume workflows by implementing and integrating tailored RPA solution and provide ongoing support ultimately driving cost savings and productivity.

Time Shared Services

We provide scalable solutions to manage operations, allowing startups and companies to tap into skilled professionals on a part-time or project basis.

ERP Consultancy

Experience seamless ERP implementation enabling you to streamline operations and make informed decisions.

Internal Audit and Control

We help clients control internal affairs by providing company administration, management, and internal audit services.

Streamline Accounts

We streamline client's accounts by providing bookkeeping, accounting and financial services.

Optimize Legal Structure with Corporate Legal Consultancy

We help clients optimize their legal structure by providing legal advice, company registration, and compliance services.

Manage Company Workforce

We help clients manage their workforce by providing human resources services, including recruitment, hiring, and payroll management.

Optimize Finances

We help clients optimize their finances by providing financial analysis, budgeting, and forecasting services.

Product Suite

Expense Reimbursement Tool

We provide an expense reimbursement tool that helps clients manage employee expense claims, including tracking, approval, and reimbursement process.

Payroll Management System

We provide a payroll management system that helps clients automate and streamline their payroll processes, including employee pay and benefits administration.

AP Management System

We provide an Accounts Payable management system that helps clients automate and streamline their vendor and invoice management processes.

Back Office Services

We provide Back Office Services that help clients manage their administrative operations, including data processing and other administrative support functions.

Contact Center Services

We provide Contact Center Services that help clients manage their customer interactions, including call centre operations and customer support.

Data Labelling and Annotation

Our Data Labelling and Annotation Services help clients categorize and label their data for AI/ML model training