Unison Homoeo’s Sales Revamped

Monstarlab Enterprise Solution worked with Unison Homoeo, a major pharmaceutical company, to carry out tailored CRM and ERP software. This application solved the firm’s problem of inefficient processes that did not take in the market and the low adaptability level contained in it with market data guides. Consequently, it registered a considerable drop in sales cycle by 25% while at the same time increasing sales volume by 17%. It has also been possible for them to gain a deeper insight into customer requirements and market dynamics, thus allowing it to offer appropriate services.

The Challenges

The company faced a few key challenges ↓

Inefficient Processes: Business was slow due to manual character transcription and the use of unrelated systems for leads and orders, the flow of customers in sales took long as if dragging their own feet. Their sales reps spent up to four weeks on average to convince prospects to buy the company’s services or products, forcing them to react to the market and clients’ demands almost instinctively.

Limited Market Adaptability: Failing to stay with the pacing of marketing requires the pharmaceutical sector to adapt continually, which involves emerging competitors and new customer preferences. The company had to innovate to remain relevant in the business world despite lacking visibility into global happenings as they happen in real-time.

Lack of Data-Driven Insights: In the absence of knowledge about its sales performance or customer behavior, They were making decisions based on feelings rather than data analysis. This resulted in wasted resources and marketing campaigns that were off-target.

Solutions We Provided

We partnered with the company to create a customized solution that would streamline their sales process and give them the data they craved. Here’s what we did:

  • A CRM Built Just for Them: We created a CRM system based on cloud technologies that integrated leads, customer data and orders in one place. As a result, it became easier for salespersons to find the required information for individualizing interactions and making contracts as quickly as possible.
  • Improved ERP features: The ERP method was adapted to mechanize pivotal sales methods, including order processing, tally supervision, and credit confirmation. This shortened the manual workload for salesmen, who could now concentrate on customer relationships and achieving sales. Automatic inventory control stopped stock-outs that triggered the loss of sales chances by making certain that stock was always available.
  • Data Analytics Platform: A data analytics platform was incorporated into the CRM and ERP systems. This made it possible for them to distinguish particular groups of customers bringing high revenue, personalize marketing strategies and improve resource sharing within sales zones. In relation to sales performance, customer behavior, and market trends, it was now possible for the CRM and ERP systems to come up with up-to-date information due to the introduction of a data analytics framework.

The Final Result

The implementation of the customized CRM and ERP system led to significant improvements for their company:

  • Increased Sales Efficiency: We reduced the sales cycle by a quarter from an average of four weeks down to three weeks by which time our sales had gone up by 17%. This enabled us to take higher proportions of markets the homoeopathy company served by ambassadors who would concentrate now more on relationship building alongside making quickly sought differences using smooth operating systems combined with up-together information concerning clients.
  • Improved Market Adaptability: They improved its adaptability to the market by getting more knowledge of customers’ desires and sales trends through data analysis tools. That helped them to adjust their sales strategies for better results. Identifying those customers that held high value among others and making marketing campaigns that aimed at them alone meant that the company could deliver the correct message to its target audience.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: The homoeopathy company used data analytics to gain insights into its operations, thus enabling it to come up with better sales strategy formulations and determine how best to allocate resources. The platform enabled sales managers to discover which territories were not meeting their expectations and shift their resources to locations with higher growth rates. They could also personalize their marketing campaigns based on the information obtained, thereby achieving a more focused strategy that could maximize ROI.
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To Summarize

The connection between Monstarlab Enterprise Solution and Unison Homoeo shows that personalized CRM and ERP systems can be transformative. Monstarlab’s solution targeted the specific problems of them with regard to which it was created, which was an obvious indication of improvement in the level of sales efficiency, the company’s market adaptation as well as decision-making abilities. Currently, they can take full advantage of the dynamic pharmaceutical sector’s future expansions.


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